6 Unsuspecting Places to Play Tri 21

You may have just purchased your Tri 21 Boards™ and are dying to challenge someone in some friendly competition. While you may think you have to wait for a nice warm day, a camping trip or that crazy-fun tailgate party, there are many other opportunities to challenge someone to a game of Tri 21 you may not have really even considered.


1. The Outdoor Wedding

  • Consider having a new game available to play at an outdoor wedding reception. Instead of your guests standing around, drinking their cocktails and making awkward conversations with people they don’t know, there's no better way to break the ice than to play and learn a fun game. Not only can you easily play this game in heels, you can also do it with a drink in your hand.

  • Not only do these make great entertainment for wedding guests at an outdoor wedding, but these also make great wedding gifts!

2. Graduation Parties

Are you hosting a graduation party this year?

  • Most graduation parties are held as open houses and having a Tri 21 game set is a perfect way to keep the party going. People of all ages can easily pick up the rules and you can customize it to any skill level. It’s the perfect game for families and friends. Everyone will enjoy playing this new and unique yard game.

  • Once again, Tri 21 can help keep the party going while guests continue to mingle! They are make great gifts to send that high school grad off to college with.

3. Baby Showers

  • Tri 21 is a great game to have on hand to play at a baby shower, especially if it is a co-ed baby shower. Men will love that they can participate in some friendly competition while the women gather to talk and fawn all over little baby things. It’s also a great alternative to those who are not into doing all those baby shower craft activities. This game is a great ice breaker to get the party started while providing an element of wonderful childhood play.

  • How about a game of Dress Up, Tri 21 style?? Split your guests into 2 groups. Have a set # of items that each team would dress up their leader in, by earning their garment pieces 1 at a time.  Earn a garment by having participants toss their washers until one lands in the box from a designated distance. Each washer earns 1 garment piece. Each participant attempts one toss and continue rotating through players after each toss, which keeps all players engaged in the game. If their leader isn’t fully dressed after all the washers have been tossed, the leader will run all the tossed washers back to the throwers and the Dress Up Game continues to resume. The first team to get their leader Dressed Up like a Baby wins!!

4. End of the School Year Picnics

  • What’s great about Tri 21 is that any age and skill level can play. This is not only a great game, it is THE game to have available for those wonderful end of the year school picnics. While the playground is always nice, it’s fun to have an activity that both kids and adults can enjoy playing together. With all the other food, crafts and other games that teachers and volunteers are bringing, this game takes up very little space and is easy to set up and pack away.

  • Create a relay race incorporating Tri 21 as one of the obstacles—such as running around both set up boards and then stop to  continue tossing the washers until one lands inside the triangular box.

5. Family Reunions

  • Got a score to settle from your childhood with a cousin? Tri 21 is a great game to do that with. Whether it’s a sibling rivalry or some friendly family vs. family competition, having Tri 21 will definitely bring up the level of fun for this get together. Anyone can play and you can make the game as easy or as hard as you like.

  • This is the perfect opportunity to get a tournament going! Have everyone who owns Tri 21 bring it to the gathering and you can have all day tournaments going—brackets and all! Don’t forget to bring a megaphone to call the teams to the tournament area when needed to return to the area. (However you might not need it as the excitement of the games will likely keep everyone close!)

6. Birthday Parties

  • Whether you are partying for a 1 year old or celebrating 90 years young, fun games don’t just have to be for kid’s birthday parties. Adults can have fun party games too! Tri 21 is a great game to break out at your next birthday party. There is nothing better than celebrating another year older than having some friendly, competitive fun.

  • We wouldn’t want to admit that some drinking games have been had while playing Tri 21 would we??? (Of course for those ages 21 or older!)

Don’t EVER just let Tri 21 sit on a shelf!!  There are endless ways to keep this game in use…..We have very dedicated players out there sending us their proof of playing Tri 21 all year round—Spring, Summer, Winter & Fall~ Join Us In The Craze! Get Creative and Send Us Photos of YOUR Unique Tri 21 use!!  You might just see YOUR game featured on our website!!

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