A Fabulous Backyard Party That Makes the Neighbors Jealous

Summer is just around the corner… just close your eyes and smell it! After a cold, long, long winter, summer is definitely a breath of fresh air!  Is there a better way to kick off the season other than a fabulous backyard gathering? We think NOT! Regardless whether you’ll go with an elegant outdoor affair or host a laid-back cookout, you’ll want your backyard to be the perfect, terrific venue.  

If you have a big yard or small, a little patio or none at all, the outdoors is the place to be… simply making memories! The biggest trick is how to give your gathering YOUR touch, making it your own. You can go with a meal that’s all trimmed out or go with finger foods aplenty. You just need to remember that the goal is about spending time together, sharing smiles, joy, and laughter!

So get yourself ready for this upcoming season of outdoor summer fun! Consider these suggestions while planning to make it all come together:


It’s All About People: It’s always enjoyable to get together with family and friends! If your people are like our people, calendars fill up fast. If you would like to plan short weeknight gatherings or an all-day affair on the weekend, shoot out some dates ahead of time to your guests so you are sure to have the opportunity to share the wealth of fun with each other before the season escapes you!

The Basics: Plan Ahead: The first step for your fabulous summer backyard party is preparation. By getting as much done ahead of time, you’ll be able to enjoy the party too. Set the meats to marinate the day before, so you can be greeting your guests as they are arriving. Hors d’oeuvres and salads should be made ahead of time as well and placed in the freezer or refrigerator.

Clean Up & Tidy Up: A freshly mowed lawn always looks beautiful, but remember to clean up the grass cuttings so your guests are not walking around with green feet...you want to welcome those in bare feet! Also, take a look at your outdoor furniture, cleaning, repairing and/or replacing with new if they’re dirty, broken or too worn. Get the chairs and side tables set up in a conversational setting that welcomes your guests as they enter.

Shoo Fly Shoo: Nothing can ruin an outdoor party faster than flies, mosquitos & other insects. There are several solutions at your local hardware store—$5.00 or so can be an event saving investment. Work on pest control a few days before your party. Some homemade solutions may also do the trick, such as setting out some clear glasses filled with water and drop some pennies in them or you can hang clear plastic bags filled with water about the backyard.

Light Up The Backyard: For a breathtaking touch as your party goes into the night, lighting is key! Even if your party is scheduled for the afternoon, if you’re hosting a great party, your guest could very well still be around when the sun sets. A few strands of inexpensive lights wrapped around the deck, patio, and trees, will give your backyard a glowing ambiance.

Don’t Get Trapped In The Kitchen: Create a “bar-style” food bar so that your guests can pile a plate filled with the things they like. This is especially a great way to go when there are small kids because mom and dad can fix a plate their own picky eater. This is definitely a win-win—giving you more opportunities to continue enjoying the company of your guests!

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Summer Tradition: Watermelon is a must! No summer party should be without that ever famous watermelon, regardless of what event you’re hosting. Because it can be messy, slice it up into bite size treats to make it easier and not as messy for your guests to enjoy it. This mouth-watering treat is quick grab and your guests may also wish to toss a nugget or two into their beverage!

What To Do: Whether you are playing volleyball, horseshoes, badminton or Tri 21, have your supplies out and ready so the fun activity can begin when your guests are ready to start. A little table of kid-friendly activities can really help too—bubbles, chalk, velcro catch mits/balls, sandbox toys, or a rock painting station can all be party savers!

Spills Will Happen: When there is a gathering of people, there will be spills, especially if there are children. Keep the ants at bay by having inexpensive drink cups with lids and straws to hand out for the kids.  You’ll be surprised how many adults may opt for that too!

Keeping It Clean: Speaking of spills and sticky fingers, consider creating a Clean Up Station in a quick-to-grab location so any mishaps can be handled in a snap. This will be a huge success, especially  if there are children! You can do this by setting a table to the side with some standard clean up supplies such as a roll of paper towels, a few packages of wet wipes and some clean up spray. Have a trash can right there and your guests will appreciate your proactive thinking.

Be Present: You don’t have to go all out to be a great host! Your guests want to spend time with YOU too. Anything you can do ahead of time to gradually prepare for summer entertaining is a plus, giving you the flexibility to invite guests over in a pinch. We all enjoy making memories, so remember to be present!

The purpose of GETTING together is about BEING together… Enjoy Making Memories This Summer!

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