Importance of Game Night for Families

Oh My….How times have changed! Remember the times of creative play, quiet time, reading books together, hopscotch, or even a pick-up ballgame? For those of you too young to have lived without tablets, smart phones and video games, families had to entertain themselves with each other, believe it or not.

When children are young, they look forward to mommy & daddy time, —or as some may plan an official Game Night! Planned or organized Family Nights tend to lose priority and might not sound as appealing as the children get older, with busier schedules and having a social life with their friends.  These days, between all the after school activities and other commitments, you and your family can lose sight of one another. Some of our fondest memories in our family are from those beloved Family Game Nights and we hope that you will find ways to maintain your relationship connections and hang on to designated family times as long as you can.

Why?????? “Because We Said So”

Ok, on a more serious note: Think about this—how much time are you honestly spending quality time with your family members? How much more time do you really have before your children will make you empty nesters? So WHY do a Family Night or Game Night?


Together time gives you a great time to reconnect with your kids. It is the perfect time to ask your kids what is going on in their lives, who their friends are and how school going.  The casual environment of game night allows for conversation to flow a bit easier and they won’t feel like they are being interrogated.  They are too busy having fun. You’d be amazed at how much more you’ll learn about your children’s life when you can ask questions within a more relaxed time. There are even games out there that require the players to disclose information and opens the door for more fun conversations.

Game play provides a perfect learning opportunity to establish and practice morals and values, especially for young kids. Children learn how to take turns, how to socially interact with one another and depending on the game, they can even start to learn the basics of some math concepts. As parents, you can set the foundation for fun competitiveness while maintaining positive sportsmanship. Following directions, improving communication and problem solving skills, instilling flexibility, sharing, and cleaning up are all transferable skills that any teacher in school will fully appreciate. Game play sets the stage for understanding how to build strategies, which is something that can be applied to everyday life into adulthood!

Statistically children are less likely to participate in risky behavior in families who make Family Game Night a priority.  Children who feel connected to their family and in return have parents that show interest in what is going on in their lives tend to shy away from trouble. When children are bored or spend most of their time on electronic devices, you may notice behavioral challenges as a result.  It’s not necessarily the electronics causing behavior problems, it’s the lack of opportunities to practice social interactions, especially in challenging situations. When is the last time your child had a friend over to play—without the aid of the television, movie channels, or cell phone usage?

Help get your family active. While board games can be fun & entertaining, yard games are a great way to get everyone up, on their feet and moving.  Get outside, enjoy nature and breathe in the fresh air. Tri 21 is an especially good game to do just that. It can be played by all ages and all skill levels.  It is easy to learn, fills the air with friendly laughter and you can even play while holding a conversation.

With all these awesome benefits and reasons to have Family Game Night, how can you not make it a priority?  While we would all love to think that everyone would be on board with making family game night consistent, that may not be the case.  So make sure that everyone gets a chance to choose the game(s)/activities to play. Don’t be afraid to be silly and let loose.

Family time is a foundation time for creating great memories & forever loving bonds with each other. It’s an opportunity for parents to guide and support skills development that will help our younger generation become what’s most important—A Good Person! Have Fun Playing!!