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A yard game for the whole family

Rethink your family gatherings

Family. fun. tri 21.

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About Tri 21

Tri 21 Boards™ is a Minnesota family-run yard game company trying to bring family-fun to everyone. This game has just recently become a new sensation — we launched in April 2018 — and has already been enjoyed by families across the United States. We crafted a triangular shaped yard game that can be played virtually anywhere with it's extremely portable size. Over the last 2 decades, our family has molded this washer-toss game into what it is today (extremely awesome, if we do say so ourselves) by combining rules and gameplay from multiple other popular yard games as well as creating some of our own rules. This strategy filled game can replace all those other yard games as it brings entertainment for hours.



We met our goal for our Kickstarter campaign. On May 3, 2018 we exceeded our $5,000 goal! We are so excited to get these boards in your shed of games! Thank you to all our backers and for all the support we've received in our startup endeavors.



Needing a set for yourself or a gift, we have a single set for you. Let’s be real though, think ahead to all those fun parties where a tournament would make everyone's day. Plan ahead and get our Stack!



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