1. Place boards 7 manly paces apart (~21 feet) with the 5 point pockets facing each other.
  2. 2 or 4 player game. Teams of 4 players follow the instructions as written. Teams of 2 players, man up and take your 7 manly paces between each frame. Scoring and rules remain the same.

  3. Pick a color washer for your team. Team members stand at opposite boards.

  4. Game is played to 21 points.

  5. While tossing washer, your foot can not cross the front plane of the board.

  6. Youngest player tosses first. Team 1 player tosses all 3 washers one at a time. Team 2 player standing at the same board does the same. The frame ends after both players are done tossing. Tally the points (See below for scoring instructions).

  7. At the end of each frame, whichever team is leading will throw first for the next frame. If neither team has a score, the team who tossed first in the previous frame shall retain first toss in the next frame.

  8. All washers must be tossed underhand or with a frisbee toss motion. No overhand throwing of the washer is allowed.

  9. If either team reaches 20 points at the end of the frame, team members in the next frame will alternate turns throwing — Team 1 throws 1 washer, team 2 throws 1 washer. Repeat until both teams throw all 3 of their washers.

  10. If you happen to go over 21 points, your team earns no points for that frame, returning to the previous score. The team's washers also do not cancel out the opposing teams washers.

  11. If a team reaches 21 points and the other team has not taken their turn, the other team gets to toss their remaining washers to try and cancel out any of their points. If a team scores 21 points with washers remaining, you must still toss all 3 washers to finish the game. The game can not end if washers are still in hand.

  12. If both teams in the same round reach 21 points, you will enter a sudden death round — All players will get a chance to toss their washers. The team to accumulate the most points wins. If it's a 2 player game, each person will toss their washers to the opposite board and the sudden death round ends there. If it's a 4 player game, the other 2 team members will toss their washers back, and the total points will be accumulated at that time.

  13. Have fun!




Leaner: A washer leaning in any way adds 1 point to the value of that space. (i.e. if your washer leans on the outer portion of the box in the 1 pt zone, it would be 2 points (1 + 1). 

Cancellation Scoring: If teams land in the same point zone, only those points cancel. Example: Team 1 lands in 3 point zone & team 2 lands in 5 point zone, both teams get the points. If both teams land in the 3 point zone, those points cancel.

S.O.L.: If the opposing team lands on top of your washer in any way, the washer on the bottom instantly goes back down to zero—It pays to be on top. All points are gained by the team on top during that round, including the point value earned by the cancelling washer.

If both teams somehow have a washer on the bottom (or sandwiched between 2 washers, both teams goes back down to zero and the top washer does not gain the points that round.

Instant Winner: Washer lays flat on the board with the peg in the middle (a.k.a. Ringer). If it leans on the peg in any way, that doesn’t count. 


Items included in "The Pack"

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.36.10 PM.png

Items Included in "The Stack"

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.37.12 PM.png

*Note: In the "what you get" section of the video, we have 1 wagering stick listed... you actually get 2... sorry for the confusion. We are working on fixing this.